Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Daughter's Pictures

I came home the other day and saw a stack of pictures sitting in the kitchen that my 4 year old daughter had drawn. At the risk of sounding like a gloating parent, I have to say that I was quite impressed with what she had drawn. Have a look.

I asked her about them. She said, "This grandma (right) wants a grandma (left)."

When I asked about this one she said, "He's frowning because his friends don't want to play with him."

These two didn't have hair when I first saw them. But after I started writing her comments on the pages she wanted to get into the action. She said they needed hair. What could I say? So now they have hair (and beards too, I guess). And eyebrows.

Her comments for this one were brief. "His name is Smiley Happyface" she said.


TK42ONE said...

Sounds very much like what I'd expect my 3 year old to do soon.

Alyssa said...

You write very well.